How to Apply

We are looking for extraordinary people with ambitions to grow

Tell us what sets you apart from the rest of the colleagues in your field and why you would be a good addition to our family. No matter what stage of your career, we look for ambitious individuals who are interested in taking on new challenges, developing new skills, and working for a company that’s committed to success. Tell us what skills you are looking to gain and how you think the position you’re applying for can help you grow to your full potential.

Submitting your resume

To be considered a candidate, you must go through our online process and submit your resume and any additional materials online at our Career Center page.

Upload your resume, cover letter, and any additional materials as a Word document, not a PDF. We recommend that whether you’re applying for a specific job or just searching, all individuals take advantage of our “Email Me New Jobs” option and sign-up to receive real-time email job postings. Under this section, you can select the frequency with which you would like to receive e-mails notifying you of new positions. Once you make a selection, you will be given choices on key words and job categories to select from. Select one or several categories and complete the applicable information.

For certain positions, you may be presented with a set of questions to answer during the online application process. It is important that you take the time to respond to these questions as thoroughly as possible, as your answers are one of the pre-screening tools we evaluate when considering candidates for these jobs.

Candidate review

A member from Rich’s Talent Management team will contact candidates who meet basic qualifications by email or phone to validate experience, as well as assess skills, and salary requirements. We thoroughly review all candidates applying to each position, so please be patient; all stages of the recruitment process take time. We would like to ensure your skills match the job requirements.

Meeting the family

To best prepare for your interview, browse this website to learn some basic information about our company, family and history prior to visiting us.

Depending on the position, Rich’s utilizes multiple techniques to enhance the interviewing process – questionnaires, phone discussions, one-on-one and team interviews. A team interview consists of two or more associates getting to know a candidate simultaneously. There are several advantages to a team interview for both Rich’s and the candidate, including:

  • Streamlines number of interviews that a candidate participates in
  • Decreases time
  • Provides greater accuracy
  • Helps to ensure position is the correct fit for the candidate
  • Provides an opportunity for candidate to meet as much of our family as possible

You will have an opportunity to discuss your past experiences, demonstrate some of your skills, and—most importantly— show us your passion! Please have questions ready for your interview.

Traveling to your interview

If you are traveling from out of town, your hotel and transportation accommodations will be coordinated through our Talent Management team.