Family – no matter how you say it or what yours looks like, you’re part of one at Rich’s

As a family-owned company, treating our customers, communities and associates like family has always been at the forefront of everything that Rich’s does.  In 2015, we created Imagine Magazine to commemorate Rich’s 70th birthday, celebrate our family values and reflect on seven decades of living out The Rich Promise. When we began searching for families who worked at Rich’s together to feature in a “Family Style” photo essay for our magazine, we learned that the family connection at Rich’s is indeed very literal.

From mothers and sons; sisters and brothers; cousins and spouses – Rich’s is a place where people don’t just enjoy their work; they’d recommend it to their relatives. The result? A blossoming family tree, filled with family members connected by kin and by cubicle, coming together to create a workforce that doesn’t just preach family values, but lives it every day.

Our “Family Style” photo essay, much like Rich’s own family tree, has now grown beyond what we ever could have imagined. Originally just a project for Imagine Magazine, “Family Style” now serves as an independent photo montage that will continue to be developed and changed every few years to include the new additions to our family. While our current poster only includes a small sample of our global family connections, we hope to one day capture the full scope of families within our organization.

A point of pride for us at Rich’s, “Family Style” is a testimony that we will always honor our family values, celebrate our unique culture and express gratitude to the many families that make up the Rich’s community.

Check out the first edition of our Family Style poster below.