“InformationWeek Mexico” Magazine Ranks Productos Rich Among 50 Most Innovative Companies

Productos Rich was recently recognized as one of the 50 most innovative companies by “InformationWeek Mexico” magazine. The prestigious publication applauded Rich’s work on a mobile application that enables technical and commercial in-store bakery (ISB) team members in Mexico to collect, analyze, compare and track in-store bakery data during store visits. The business insights gathered by the tool enable leaders to make fast, effective decisions and provide actionable information to customers, another value-added service that further strengthens Rich’s position as the trusted first-choice supplier.

The app, which was launched in January of 2013, was installed on iPhones for all technical and commercial ISB team members serving Productos Rich customers in Mexico. Internally known as “the BIRD” (Business Insights, Reporting and Diagnosis) project, the app puts a detailed service questionnaire in the hands of Rich’s team members performing in-store bakery service visits. During the visit, the survey walks users through a variety of topics including store conditions, product displays, product availability, equipment and labor capabilities, and inventory deficiencies.

“As the data is entered into the app it becomes part of a large, cumulative information portal that has comprehensive analytical, reporting and diagnostic capabilities,” said Rafael Michel, Infrastructure Manager, Productos Rich. “At any given moment, a sales manager can access the portal to find valuable information such as the number of store visits, services provided, sales information, display trends, order discrepancies and a host of other insightful information.”

This data allows Rich’s management team to make quick decision regarding product launches, sales promotions, operator training and customer service resolutions. Rich’s can also share the information with customers, offering valuable insight on store conditions, staff training, and sales that will help grow the business. The app provides concrete evidence and information used to ensure customers are utilizing Rich’s products properly and leveraging the service options available to them in order to succeed.

Since January, the team of more than 100 technical and commercial ISB associates have visited operator locations and logged more than 18,000 questionnaires into the app portal. The technology behind the mobile solution and the business insight it provides garnered national attention in Mexico and won Productos Rich the prestigious ranking from InformationWeek Mexico, one of the most important IT magazines in Mexico. To view the July issue of InformationWeek Mexico, including the entire list of the 50 Most Innovative Companies, visit;

“The intelligence this tool brings to the decision-making table, as well as the evidence-based information we can deliver to our customers, enables Rich’s to work side-by-side our customers to grow their business for the benefit of both parties,” said Michel. “Innovations like the BIRD project position Rich’s as a business information systems leader and a trusted business partner worldwide.”