Just Add The Campfire!

As the category leader for whipped toppings, Rich’s knows how to have its cake and eat it too! The secret ingredients to its success are cutting-edge technology and product innovation. Rich’s used its high-tech prowess to put a new twist on a piece of Americana, introducing a nostalgic S’mores Bettercreme® Whipped Icing flavor platform that offers everything but the fire!

Just Add The Campfire

“During recent years the beloved s’more has become more than just a favorite campfire treat,” explained Courtney Erickson, Assistant Marketing Manager, Rich’s In-Store Bakery Division. “It’s now a hot flavor trend that has popped up in cereals, donuts, ice cream, energy bars, cocktails and more. Consumers love the icing for its indulgent taste and its ability to transport them to their youth and memories of summer and camp outs.”

While the traditional s’more consists of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two graham cracker squares, The S’mores Bettercreme Whipped Icing flavor features graham cracker and chocolate crumbles and a chocolate fudge swirl blended with toasted marshmallow-flavored icing. To evoke the true feeling of a traditional s’more, Rich’s launched this flavor profile with an all-new 7”-by-7” square cake.

“Square cakes were the perfect answer to customer needs for smaller, easier to handle cake formats,” said Erickson. “The combination of a 7”-by-7” cake and S’mores Bettercreme Whipped Icing creates a large, adult-sized s’more which can be enjoyed by consumers for any celebration.”

The ability to combine decadent fudge swirls and crunchy graham cracker pieces into the wildly popular Perfect Finish® base of Rich’s Bettercreme icing is a new capability that solidifies Rich’s position as the leader in the whipped icing market. The unique flavors bring the delicious, nostalgic s’mores experience to a perfectly iced, moist cake.

Rich’s Bettercreme icing is a big hit among in-store bakery decorators and consumers alike for its superior stability, perfect finish and great taste! S’mores Bettercreme Whipped Icing is just one of the virtually endless flavor combinations made possible for Rich’s icing portfolio by the new technology and product innovation.