Rich’s Breakfast Inspirations Contest: Kick-start your breakfast menu for all-day success

Breakfast is commonly hailed as the most important meal of the day, but for the past five years it has also been the most popular and fastest growing daypart. Fed by convenience, lower price-points and portability, breakfast has become the bright spot of the restaurant industry. The trendy breakfast sandwich broke morning-time traditions and opened the door to exciting menu creations like unexpected carriers, proteins, and spices. Rich’s is challenging foodservice operators to reinvent the breakfast menu with the Breakfast Inspirations Contest.  

Rich’s offers an array of breakfast solutions and support that makes it easy to brighten-up your morning fare, and you could be eligible for great prizes in three simple steps: shape, snap and send.

First step, shape: build you Breakfast Inspiration menu item. Your Breakfast Inspiration menu entry could be an item already on your menu as long as it incorporates one of Rich’s Platinum Products ( and is designed for breakfast.

Next step: snap. Take a photo of your breakfast creation with a smartphone or handheld device.

And finally: send. Email your Breakfast Inspiration menu item photo to No need to include recipe steps, just a brief description of the item and the product code from Rich’s Platinum product list.

Each Breakfast Inspiration menu item submission will be reviewed by Rich’s culinary team. If it qualifies, you automatically receive a $10 E-card (limit one E-card per operator). Your submission will also be considered for the Grand Prize of a $1000 American Express Gift Card.

Rich’s has made building your Breakfast Inspiration Menu Item as simple as possible. Visit to find breakfast menu ideas, a complete list of Rich’s Platinum products, full contest details, and much more.

Watch online as Rich’s culinary expert, Chef Jake Brach, unwraps the keys to the breakfast sandwich in a video full of tips, tricks and insider menu inspirations. Brach transforms the top-trending breakfast sandwich and examines its versatility and popularity. He explores exciting new sandwich carriers and experiments with savory fillings and proteins, all while adhering to the trends of portability, indulgence and healthy choices.

This is more than a contest, it’s an opportunity to broaden your breakfast offerings and seize staggering growth opportunities. Jump into the breakfast lane and ride the road all the way to sunny-side-up success. Your new breakfast menu items will capture customer’s attention, satisfy their need for convenient, affordable, handheld breakfast options, and you’ll be tapping into the fastest growing daypart nationwide.