Rich’s gives in-store bakeries a solid-gold start to the new year with two new golden Oreo® products

Buffalo, N.Y., March 5, 2014 –  For in-store bakeries seeking to entice more non-chocolate-dessert lovers, Rich Products Corporation is rolling out a couple golden products for the new year.

In January, Rich’s In-Store Bakery Division was the first-to-market with a novel pair of vanilla-flavored offerings – in the whipped icing and ice cream cake categories.  Both products feature real pieces of Golden Oreo® cookie, the world’s second-most-popular Oreo® cookie.

Available nationally, each of the new dessert products – the Golden Oreo® Ice Cream Cake and the Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme® Made with Golden Oreo® – targets non-chocolate lovers and shoppers of all ages.

“We wanted to provide our bakery customers with products that non-chocolate lovers will enjoy both for special occasions and as an “Anyday” type of indulgence, such as a sweet treat in the afternoon or an after-dinner dessert,” explained Courtney Erickson, Assistant Marketing Manager, Customer Shopper Marketing, Rich Products Corporation.  “Both products take advantage of the lofty status of Golden Oreo® as the No. 2 Oreo® overall.  Its phenomenal popularity adds extra variety to the dessert case, promising sweet success for our customers.”

Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme® made with Golden Oreo®

In-store bakeries and their decorators will fall in love with the new Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme® Made with Golden Oreo®, as it delivers on its tagline saluting the Golden Oreo® cookies as “Worth Their Weight in Gold.”

A commitment to innovation with a drive to deliver success for customers has helped to position Rich’s as the leader in the whipped icing category. Proprietary, cutting-edge technology allows for real Golden Oreo® particulates to mix perfectly with the sweet, vanilla whipped icing that is the hallmark of the Bettercreme® brand.

More than 1 pound of real Golden Oreo® cookie pieces goes into every 9-pound pail of Vanilla Cookie Bettercreme® Made with Golden Oreo®, to deliver the ultimate Golden Oreo® experience throughout the light and creamy icing.  The product’s smooth texture and soft, golden color combine for a deliciously indulgent appearance on white or yellow cake and inviting to vanilla cookie lovers looking to enjoy a sweet treat.  “This delicious icing is perfect for ‘Anyday’ desserts, cupcakes and individual desserts,” Erickson said.

Golden Oreo® Ice Cream Cake

The new Golden Oreo® Ice Cream Cake is Rich’s first all-vanilla dessert ice cream cake.  Serving up to eight people, it consists of creamy, vanilla-flavored ice cream blended with real Golden Oreo® cookie pieces and topped with whipped icing and a Golden Oreo® cookie.

The product also provides Rich’s a trifecta of sorts in one of the most-popular dessert categories.  The new Golden Oreo® Ice Cream Cake rounds out a cookie-inspired ice cream cake lineup from Rich’s that already includes top sellers Oreo® Ice Cream Cake and Chips Ahoy!® Ice Cream Cake – the latter featuring real bits of the nation’s No. 1 chocolate chip cookie.  “We now have the ice cream cake category covered with America’s top three cookies,” stated Erickson.

Driving Incremental Sales

The success of incorporating licensed, branded products, such as Oreo® and Chips Ahoy! ®, within Rich’s In-Store Bakery portfolio is worth noting, Erickson pointed out.  “It proves to retailers that the concept of featuring some of America’s favorite brands in our products has relevancy with shoppers and can help drive incremental sales.  The new Golden Oreo® products are another example of how Rich’s delivers on innovation and can help customers gain a competitive edge.”

Additional product information for retailers is available on Rich’s In-Store Bakery website –