UBR™ Reinvents School Breakfast

UBR™ Reinvents School Breakfast

Who says school cafeteria menus have to be boring to be healthy? With ongoing concern about nutrition in schools and getting students to start the day with a wholesome meal, Rich’s Foodservice team recently brainstormed a delicious and nutritious breakfast item disguised as a tasty treat.

UBR Ultimate Breakfast Round

It’s called the “Ultimate Breakfast Round™,” known more affectionately as the UBR™. And, in today’s “teen” lingo, it’s epic, or so Rich’s has been told.

The UBR is freshly baked and made from 100-percent whole-grain flour, oatmeal, cinnamon and real fruit. Each 2.5-ounce UBR contains 6 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein, 2 bread servings, 250 calories and zero trans fat. The UBR supplies 65 percent of a child’s required daily allowance for whole grains, is classified as a Good Source of fiber, has the equivalent of fiber found in two bowls of Cheerios, and contains the same amount of protein as four chewy granola bars.

But don’t let the nutrition scare you! The UBR is moist and scrumptious and comes in enticing flavors like Cinnamon (with brown sugar and molasses) and, most recently, Sunberry Blast (orange cranberry) and Blueberry (blueberry), both made with real fruit.

Gary Duszynski

“Kids view the UBR as a treat, while parents and school dietitians love it because it’s so healthy and unlike many other breakfast items available on the school menu,” said Gary Duszynski, from Rich’s foodservice bakery marketing. “As a foodservice industry leader, Rich’s understands the breakfast challenges our customers face, getting more students to eat breakfast. We created this product both to please young people and to help those responsible for serving them a nutritious breakfast. Schools that add the UBR to their menus often see a jump in student participation in the breakfast program.”

The UBR was launched during the 2009-10 academic year as the ideal addition for schools that want to offer nourishing meals, boost student interest in school breakfasts and meet USDA guidelines. Research also shows that children who eat a sound breakfast are more alert in class and are better able to learn. The UBR fits within the USDA’s 30-10-30 guidelines for school meals, which means it contains 30 percent or fewer calories from total fat, 10 percent or fewer calories from saturated fat, and less than 30 percent sugar by item weight. And, it tastes great, helping deliver a win-win for schools and students alike.

Dr. Shirley J. Brown

“Parents and schools have a real challenge these days,” said Dr. Shirley J. Brown, director of national training for Rich’s. “Kids are always on the go and they love to socialize, so they seldom take time to eat a healthy breakfast. The UBR is the perfect solution. It’s easy to eat on the run, it’s delicious, and it’s nutritious. Breakfast just got a little more fun and a lot more convenient. Now everybody has time to eat a healthy breakfast.”

“We’re glad to have a simple breakfast option for our students that meets our nutritional requirements, especially for fiber and bread servings,” said Susan Birmingham, foodservice director for Frontier Central Schools, in Western New York. “The UBR meets the criteria of the New York governor’s ‘Healthy Kids, Healthy New York’ after-school initiative to help fight childhood obesity.

“The biggest plus is that it tastes great,” Birmingham added.

In sensory tests involving 372 elementary, middle and high school students in Buffalo, N.Y., and Dallas, Texas, more than 84 percent of the young participants gave the Cinnamon UBR the highest rating for taste and more than 83 percent said they would “definitely eat” one if offered. The results appear to indicate that most kids will readily choose to buy this nutritious breakfast alternative when offered at school.

More details about the features and benefits of the UBR can be found on the Rich’s Foodservice website.