Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

We love food, and our passion goes well beyond taste to include an unwavering commitment to providing safe, wholesome and reliable products. As a family owned company, we made a promise to treat our customers, our associates and our communities the same way. Like family. That’s why every product we produce is something we would confidently serve to our own family. This confidence comes from stringent adherence to standards and practices that ensure the safety and reliability of our global food supply. Rich’s global Quality Assurance program is rooted in the core belief that our role is to protect and promote the wellbeing of our customers and consumers.

Food Safety

To operate a safe and reliable network, Rich’s maintains a global food safety system that dictates mandatory standards for all businesses and regions around the world. Our proactive, scientific, risk-based preventative control approach ensures food safety. We continually evaluate the food safety vulnerability of our raw materials, finished goods, manufacturing processes, handling and use, food systems and sanitary design and practices.

Product Quality

At Rich’s, we design for and deliver consistent product quality every time. We live by the voice of our customer, matching their needs with the capabilities of each of our facilities to ensure that every product meets the desired specifications and performance standards. Each of Rich’s manufacturing locations has the technical skills, tools and insight to ensure process capabilities align with customer expectations.

External Supply Management

It is imperative that Rich’s suppliers and contract manufacturers are in compliance with Rich’s standards. With more than 60 global contract manufacturers and more than 1,500 global ingredient suppliers, Rich’s diligently adheres to a global process for selecting, approving and monitoring our ingredient, packaging and finished product suppliers.

Regulatory Affairs

It is critical that Rich’s understands the implications of emerging global customer and government requirements pertinent to our evolving portfolio of products. We provide country-specific labelling for all products made in the US/Canada region for domestic and international distribution, review and approve new ingredients to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and coordinate religious certifications.


Our commitment to global quality assurance is made possible by our team of 270 associates in 36 facilities around the world. Our engaged and capable global team has the skill set to deliver every aspect of our global quality assurance mandate.