In-Store Bakery & Deli Division

In-Store Bakery Carrot Cake

The rich aromas of freshly baked bread and the displays of perfectly iced cookies and cakes found at in-store bakeries evoke memories of celebratory times spent with friends and family (not to mention make stomachs rumble in anticipation)! For more than 60 years, Rich’s innovating and fresh products have helped provide the centerpiece for celebrations and baked goods for dinnertime.

Our extensive line of unique and on-trend desserts, sweet goods and award-winning breads ensure your bakery’s offerings will exceed the demands of today’s shoppers and create a loyal fan-base for tomorrow’s purchases. Our products are prepared with the finest ingredients and made by experienced associates who live Rich’s motto of Caring for Customers Like Only a Family Can.

In-Store Bakery Ciabatta Bun

We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and your shoppers; we match market data and proprietary intelligence with your needs to deliver personalized solutions to grow your bottom line.

As your partner, we understand that our relationship is more than delivering products to the shopper. It is about teaching the craft of baking and decorating through our culinary consultants, and creating an experience for shoppers through targeted and insightful programs. We believe every bakery can be a great bakery, and we’re committed to delivering the products, programs and promotions that can help yours reach its full potential. Our sweetest reward is your success.