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The Best Customer Care Is Based on Intimacy

In today’s fast-paced world of social media, word of mouth can damage a company’s standing in the blink of an eye, throwing its quest for best-in-class customer satisfaction off course without warning – and doing so in a public arena.

Instead of contacting the manufacturer directly when they have product problems, many consumers today are taking their grievances to the streets.  Studies show for every product complaint a company might receive, there is the potential for 25 other people to experience the same problem, but also to choose not to report the issue to the business making the item.

Instead, about 75 percent of those 25 consumers will tell their friends about the difficulty, and then those friends will tell other friends, who tell other friends, and so on.  Meanwhile, the others are broadcasting their negative experiences through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or they’re “going live” via email and chat.

This can be devastating to a company that might not even be aware it has a problem.  And even when consumers do go straight to the source, if they’re dissatisfied with how their complaints are handled, 80 percent of them will never buy your product again.

Facing those odds, Rich’s Customer Care team is laser-focused on maximizing “The Rich Experience” for the customers and consumers who do reach out to the company with any troubles.  “In addition to governing everything we do, The Rich Experience defines Rich’s unique capabilities and our distinctive identity as a company,” explained Heather Stammler, Rich’s Manager of Customer Care.

Rich’s Customer Care team is highly trained in CRM – customer relationship management – and is an integral part of the company’s Sales, Marketing and Quality Assurance operations.  Along with all the internal resources it marshals when taking care of customer issues, it’s really the Customer Care team’s approach that separates the company from the rest.  And that approach is founded on one word:  intimacy.

“We’re a customer-intimate organization,” stated Stammler.  “We’re passionate about using our global knowledge and expertise to become virtual extensions of our clients’ internal teams.  Customer intimacy means we know everything that makes them tick – from their behaviors to their strategies, as well as the external forces affecting their operations.”

This is vital, she emphasized, because, in today’s social media environment, the electronic rumor mill has the potential to send a company’s reputation into a death spiral, in lightning-quick order.  Consequently, ensuring customer satisfaction at the earliest opportunity becomes even more paramount.

“As a solutions-selling organization, issue resolution is always a moment of truth for us,” Stammler admitted.  “Our veterans in Customer Care work hard for our customers and don’t believe in letting them down.  The manner in which we handle their concerns is the key to achieving best-in-class customer satisfaction and delivering The Rich Experience.”

To resolve issues, she explained, her Customer Care professionals are trained to deliver what is known in the business as the “Surprise and Delight” experience, through Rich’s three chief customer-intimacy strengths – enhanced product knowledge; speedy response (with an unmatched sense of urgency); and meaningful, emotional connections, which build trust.

“The faith that our team members foster with the people on the other end of the conversation to further open the door for Rich’s to learn more about our customers’ needs,” Stammler pointed out.  “Our goal is to wow our customers.  By nurturing healthy customer relationships, we’re reinforcing our brand promise that says when you’re with Rich’s, you’re treated like family.”

The commitment to customer satisfaction is one more factor making Rich’s the customer’s trusted first choice, Stammler asserted.  “It’s part of the total experience we provide customers – everything from new-product development to issues resolution to customer visits.  They’re all things that contribute to The Rich Experience to help position Rich’s as the trusted first choice for our customers.”