Forty Years After Its Creation, Bettercreme® Continues to Evolve

Back in the 1970s, buttercream was the standard icing in the bakery industry, but it had its challenges – it was overly sweet, hard to use and difficult to customize. At Rich’s, we knew there was a better way for bakers and decorators to create show-stopping cakes and desserts without compromising on taste and texture. So, in 1977, Bettercreme®, the perfectly sweet, fluffy and astoundingly innovative whipped icing was born. Although it’s been 40 years since Bettercreme’s arrival, we’ve never stopped improving and increasing the capabilities of our most-awarded product.

Innovation Standing the Test of Time

During the research and development phase of implementing Bettercreme into Rich’s product portfolio, we patented new technology that changed the frozen food business forever – Freeze Flo®. Through this new process, foods stored at near-zero temperatures don’t harden or crystalize. Bettercreme was the first product to utilize the process, which meant that the icing was ready to use straight from the freezer, could be stored at ambient temperatures without risking bacterial growth, and had an extended shelf life.

Retiree Dennis Lanning, a 48-year Rich’s veteran and former President of the In-Store Bakery & Deli Division, was lovingly known during his time at Rich’s as the “Father of the King,v the king, of course, being Bettercreme.

“We honestly didn’t know what Bettercreme was or how influential it would become when it was first created,” Dennis remembers. “All we knew is that Rich’s had literally made a ‘better crème.'”

A Flavorful World Ahead

Since then, Rich’s has expanded the Bettercreme portfolio to include additional innovations such as pre-whipped and buttercream-style varieties. From early innovations, such as Vanilla PreWhip Bettercreme to more recent extensions like Premium Signature Buttrcreme, we’ve been delighting customers with endless opportunities to unleash their creativity.

Now, Bettercreme lets operators be bold and bright with on-trend flavors and vibrant colors. Cookies ‘n Creme, sea salted caramel and strawberry are just a handful of the 14 crave-worthy specialty flavors Rich’s offers today. An additional 18 colors beyond traditional vanilla and chocolate add even more flexibility for bakers and decorators to customize their classic and seasonal creations without the burden of hand mixing food coloring or worrying about color separation or variation.

Even after 40 years, Bettercreme is still known as Rich’s “king” product. With its limitless flexibility and ease of use, Bettercreme is sure to delight customers for another 40 years and beyond.