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Celebrating 30 Years of Rich’s On Top®

Rich Products revolutionized the non-dairy frozen food industry in 1986 when it launched On Top® — the first pre-whip topping in a bag that out-performed its aerosol and dairy-based counterparts in versatility, stability and taste. Today, Rich’s celebrates the 30th anniversary of On Top®, one of the global food manufacturer’s most innovative and iconic products. After three decades of optimal performance, On Top® is a food industry standard that finds itself, quite literally, “On Top” of all the latest food trends. Mini desserts, hot and cold specialty beverages and milkshakes are all significantly more indulgent and profitable with On Top®.

The specialty beverage wave sweeping the nation has just about every operator, from c-stores to healthcare institutions, tapping into the popularity and profitability of specialty drinks. For just pennies a dollop, operators can charge more for beverages and desserts topped with Rich’s On Top®.

The incredible stability and hold-time of On Top® gives operators the advantage of prepping and garnishing dishes well in advance – a valuable feature that can be leveraged in every segment of the food industry. On Top® can serve as a great-tasting, low-cost base component when operators are designing menu applications such as endless varieties of mini-desserts.

Seasonal Kits Inspire Limitless Possibilities of On Top®

After 70 years of working closely with customers, Rich’s understands the needs and challenges facing operators. Storage is a critical issue in any establishment, and operators continually seek base products with multiple menu applications.  With minimal equipment, a few simple ingredients, and culinary creativity, Rich’s is showing customers just how easy it is to leverage the versatility of On Top®.

“Our Seasonal Recipe Inspiration kits are conversation starters,” said Amanda Baran, Associate Marketing Manager, Toppings & Icings. “The kits contain simple mix-in recipes and kitchen tools, such as a whisk and spatula, which allow operators to turn On Top® and other readily available pantry items into flavored toppings, mousses, dips, parfaits, and mini dessert components or fillings. Our sales team can walk customers through various menu inspirations to help them see how one product can be transformed into countless creations with unique flavor profiles.”

In addition, On Top® Original has nationwide distribution, making this versatile and profitable product available to operators across the country.

Same Great Product: New Look

In celebration of the innovative product’s 30th anniversary, the Original, Sugar-Free, Made with Cream and Chocolate varieties of Rich’s On Top® will soon be available in a newly redesigned package with modern, refreshed graphics.

The new On Top® packaging features a more prominent Rich’s logo, a contemporary new On Top® logo, and a vibrant dollop graphic. A consistent new package design across all SKUs brings uniformity to the product-line, while the color-coded packaging helps operators easily identify the four varieties of On Top®. Finally, the redesigned package maximizes the back panel space to share operating tips and recipe ideas.

New and Improved On Top® Chocolate

Rich’s recently launched a new and improved On Top® Chocolate featuring a richer chocolate flavor, slightly denser texture and darker color. The new On Top® Chocolate boasts a cleaner label, with no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. Released under the code 16462, On Top® Chocolate comes in a small 6-pack case to reduce the required storage space which meets the needs of operators.

“The rich chocolate flavor and slightly thicker texture make On Top® Chocolate the perfect speed scratch ingredient in a variety of desserts and a delicious topping or garnish,” said Baran.

In minutes, operators can easily create on-trend flavor combinations with pantry ingredients. A shot of espresso transforms On Top® Chocolate into a mocha-flavored parfait; while cinnamon, nutmeg and chili powder can be combined with On Top® Chocolate to create a spiced Mexican hot chocolate filling swirled between chocolate wafer cookies. Rich’s foodservice website, features additional recipes for Peanut Butter Cup Parfait Shooters and a Double Chocolate Semifredo.

Rich History: Bright Future

This iconic product, steeped in innovative history, is a centerpiece of Rich’s product portfolio. Yet, after 30 years, there’s nothing old about On Top®; with fresh new packaging, nationwide distribution, new and improved chocolate, trendy menu applications, and continued quality, versatility and taste, On Top® is poised to maintain its position as a category-leading product for many decades to come.