Cultivating Choice

Culinary expertise refined over decades. A dedication to helping customers navigate the evolving world of food. We take it all into consideration – from what goes into our products to how they’re produced – so our customers can seize the opportunity to delight their conscious consumers, no matter their needs.


Food tastes best when ingredients come from the right places. Picked in a way that’s fair to those who grow them and the earth they’re grown on.

We’re committed to 100% sustainable sourcing for palm oil, seafood and paper-based fiber by 2025. And we’ll continue to build a resilient supply chain based on animal welfare and more sustainable practices.


Consumers around the world are looking for less packaging. And we’re listening.

We’re working to use less material, use more recycled content and increase recyclability. 75% of our plastics packaging in the U.S. and Canada is technically or widely recyclable. And we’re helping take the guesswork out of recycling with labeling such as How2Recycle and On-Pack Recycling Label.

We’re committed to scaling change and advancing a circular economy through partnerships . Working together to close the loop – from strengthening recycling infrastructure to giving new life to materials.


Consumers are looking for ingredients that are familiar, recognizable and easy to understand. So we’re transforming our portfolio to address market demands for clean label, plant-based and better-for-you foods.

We offer over 650 products that meet our Clean Label Guideline and do not contain artificial ingredients, artificial flavors, colors or other ingredients consumers want to avoid. Giving people the authenticity they crave.

Health and Authenticity