Pretty Please with Chocolate On Top®!

Long gone are the days of plain vanilla desserts! Consumers say, “Bring on the toppings!” 

Regardless of whether your customers are ordering hot desserts, hot fudge sundaes, or icy cold shakes, Rich’s Chocolate On Top® is the perfect way to “top it off” with the creamy goodness that sweets lovers crave! 

 Foodservice industry studies show that breakfast items are starting to invade dinner menus throughout the country.  And it’s not standard breakfast items like cream of wheat and sausage that are making the great leap…

 “Rich’s knows that consumers are clamoring for all things chocolate, from milkshakes, sundaes, parfaits and mochas to pancakes, crepes and cookies.  In fact, market research reveals that 80 percent of all consumers crave chocolate and regularly eat it in some form,” said Kara Burke, Marketing Manager, Rich’s Foodservice.  “Our signature ‘On Top’ topping, in the classic chocolate flavor, is delivering sweet rewards for customers who are using these luscious confections as just the answer to consumer demand for chocolate.”

 Restaurants around the country are responding to consumer appetites for chocolate and other sweets in endlessly creative ways and Rich’s portfolio of flavored toppings and icings is proving a most-delicious way to wow those audiences.

 “A rich, creamy dollop of Chocolate On Top adds a special touch to just about anything,” Burke admitted.  “After all, chocolate is everyone’s favorite flavor.”

 Rich’s cutting-edge technology and on-trend innovations are proven to have an impact on the customer’s bottom line.  As the only provider of colored, swirled and flavored non-dairy toppings and icings, Rich’s Foodservice ensures that customers can have heaps of deliciously distinctive ways to please their patrons.