Rich’s adds royal flavour and quality to South African product line with new Royal Danish Crowns

Danish Crowns are the royalty of any pastry line; rich, buttery, flaky pastry sits as a crown around a generous filling. This divine indulgence is now manufactured in the Rich’s South African facility and ready for distribution to Foodservice, in-store bakery and convenience store customers in the region. The freezer-to-oven product offers the convenience, portability, quality and superior flavour that consumers crave.

“The market in South Africa is moving towards convenience,” said Lara Moretti, Product Manager. “Consumers want value for their money and consistent products, but they are not willing to give-up quality.”

Operators no longer need proofers and skilled technicians to prepare delicious, handheld pastries for consumers. The freezer-to-oven Royal Danish Crown offers superior quality while eliminating the proofing step and enabling operators to bake-off more than one product at a time.

“Rich’s freezer-to-oven Royal Danish Crown is the epitome of what the market desires; high-quality, easy-to-use, convenient products,” said Moretti.

The premium-quality Royal Danish Crowns are available in delicious, mouth-watering flavors such as pineapple, kiwi, apple and raspberry.

European-inspired Danish products have become a staple of indulgent pastry offerings worldwide. Rich’s new Royal Danish Crown meets the exceedingly high standards of quality, richness and flavour that consumers have come to expect in a Danish product.

For more information about the Danish Crown and other products in Rich’s South African portfolio, please contact 0860-0-RICHS.