Rich’s Brings Iconic Peanuts® Brand to Cookies and Cakes

Just in time for the highly-anticipated fall movie release featuring the beloved Peanuts® characters, Rich’s recently developed and launched a line of Peanuts® and Snoopy® branded desserts that capture the playful essence of the famed cartoon friends. The playful treats, available in grocery stores nationwide, bring an air of nostalgia and friendship to birthday parties and everyday celebrations.

“With the launch of The Peanuts Movie, this is an especially monumental year for one of the most recognized and beloved comic strips,” said Rich’s Courtney Erickson, Associate Marketing Manager, Customer Shopper Marketing, In-Store Bakery & Deli Division. “The loveable Peanuts gang has brought a sense of nostalgia and happiness to fans young and old, and Rich’s is proud to contribute to that through these four delicious products.”


Rich’s has introduced four new delicious treats to freezer cases and in-store bakeries across the US.  Fans of any age will enjoy the two new officially licensed ice cream cakes; the Peanuts Everyday Ice Cream Cake and Peanuts Harvest Ice Cream Cake. The two new nut-free frosted cookies – the Snoopy Everyday Frosted Cookies and Snoopy Harvest Frosted Cookies – are ideal for the playground, snack time and school parties.

“Peanuts is an incredibly resilient brand that we feel is in line with Rich’s values and products,” stated Erickson. “The heartwarming tales of perseverance and friendship have created a loyal fan base that will support the brand for years to come.”


A Peanuts® Treat For Any Day of the Week

The Peanuts Everyday Ice Cream Cake features the iconic scene of Snoopy, the Flying Ace, complete with his signature red scarf, aviation hat and trusted friend Woodstock, perched atop his dog house. With creamy chocolate ice cream and layers of vanilla crunchies, this playful and delicious cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or weekday family dinner. The suggested retail price for the 56-fluid-ounce cake is $19.99

The 10-count packages of tree-nut-and-peanut-free Snoopy Frosted Sugar Cookies are adorned with multi-colored sprinkles and the same blue frosting as the Peanuts Everyday Ice Cream Cake. They are as delicious and adorable as they are convenient, and are offered in in-store bakeries for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Harvest-Inspired Indulgences

The Great Pumpkin in arguably one of the most famous Peanuts stories, and Rich’s has created two fall treats inspired by Linus’ giant mystical pumpkin.

Fashioned in the shape of The Great Pumpkin itself, the Harvest Ice Cream Cake is finished in bright orange frosting and has mini-chocolate chips and a smooth, vanilla taste inside. The tree-nut-and-peanut-free Snoopy Harvest Frosted Sugar Cookies also feature bright orange frosting and leaf-shaped sprinkles. Both pumpkin-inspired treats will be available nationwide during the fall.

“By combining one of the most popular Peanuts stories with premium ingredients, we’ve developed two delicious desserts sure to become the centerpieces of many fall celebrations,” said Erickson.

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