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Rich’s On-Trend Bettercreme® Whipped Icing Flavors Take the Cake!

Rich’s On-Trend Bettercreme® Whipped Icing Flavors Take the Cake!

In 1978, Rich’s launched its revolutionary Bettercreme® brand – a lighter icing that is just sweet enough. Offering a smooth, creamy and flavorful taste while having zero grams of trans fat and fewer calories per serving than traditional buttercream, it is no surprise that Bettercreme quickly became the preferred icing of choice for cake decorators and consumers alike. In fact, in recent blind taste tests across the United States, consumers consistently chose whipped icing over buttercream icing! And with greater yield cake-for-cake than buttercream icing, Bettercreme not only wins on taste, but also on value.


“Bettercreme Whipped Icing is light, perfectly sweet and preferred by consumers over heavy buttercream. Our wide variety of Whipped Icing flavors enables bakeries to create on-trend, delicious cake flavors consumers love! And decorators love how easy they are to decorate with,” said Ann Boyd, senior marketing manager, Rich Products Corporation. “Cakes are vital to retail bakery profits, so we help our customers spot trends in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. It is essential to stay on trend with icing flavors and colors. If you want to raise your bakery’s bottom line, the best way is to start on the top of the cake.”

Ann Boyd

While Whipped Icing itself is a major point of difference for in-store bakeries, flavored Whipped Icings take it to the next level. “That’s where we have revolutionized the game for retailers,” Boyd explained. “Rich’s offers a broader, more elaborate, and more innovative variety of icings than anyone else, and the delicious list keeps growing. We continue to add to the Bettercreme portfolio to allow in-store bakeries to feature the latest flavor profiles. This increases ISB relevance, consumer satisfaction, and bakery profitability.”

In addition to its superior vanilla and chocolate whipped icings, Rich’s has introduced Bettercreme flavors that are decadent, whimsical, fun, and often infused with extras that make them everyday dessert and special occasion favorites: Strawberry, Cookies ‘n Crème with Oreos®, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, Mint, and Caramel.

Bettercream - Specialty Flavors

In case your mouth wasn’t already watering, Rich’s most-recent exciting additions to the Bettercreme product family include: Cookie Crunch® Bettercreme with Chips Ahoy!, Lemon, Birthday Party™, and Fudge Swirl. Like all other Bettercreme selections, these new flavors offer consumers high-quality, exceptionally satisfying dessert experiences.

Rich’s also sponsors the Cake Pros® Decorators’ Club™ website, to increase decorators’ knowledge and assist in-store bakeries with creating delectable, eye-catching cake designs that consumers are sure to purchase and enjoy.

For additional decorating and dessert ideas, visit the Cake Pros Decorators’ Club.