Rich’s Raises the Bar on Chocolate Indulgence with New Whipped Icing for In-Store Bakeries

 BUFFALO, N.Y., June 10, 2014 – To the delight of everyday chocolate lovers, Rich Products Corporation is raising the bar on chocolate indulgence with the introduction of Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme® Made with Hershey’s® whipped icing.

Available nationally, this rich and creamy whipped icing is made with real Hershey’s® cocoa, for topping cakes and filling pastries with the genuine Hershey’s® milk chocolate taste that shoppers look for by name.

“Based on the success of our Cookies n’ Crème Bettercreme® Made with Oreo®, we know that our ‘made with’ icing flavors drive incremental sales for bakery operators,” said Courtney Erickson, Assistant Marketing Manager, Customer Shopper Marketing, Rich Products Corporation.  “We’re thrilled to again kick things up a notch with a new whipped icing that enhances a flavor consumers already go crazy over.”

Winning Combination

Combining the universally popular taste of genuine Hershey’s® chocolate with the incomparable creaminess of Rich’s Bettercreme® whipped icing results in a rich, decadent flavor that serves as the perfect icing or filling for any dessert, Erickson said.

“When this unparalleled, decadent combination of flavor and texture is showcased atop a cake or cupcake and garnished with additional Hershey’s® chocolate pieces, a traditional dessert is transformed into an indulgent masterpiece,” she pointed out.

In a recent study, 53 percent of consumers surveyed said they believe desserts fashioned with Hershey’s® branded ingredients taste better than desserts made from unbranded elements.  In addition, desserts made with Hershey’s® branded ingredients were chosen by the subjects 50-percent more often than “unbranded desserts.”  Rich’s newest addition to its Bettercreme® portfolio capitalizes on these preferences.

Customized, Yet Classic

“The statistics showing consumer preference for the iconic Hershey’s brand paved the way for Rich’s creation of a customized, yet classic product that’s sure to catch the eye of shoppers,” Erickson explained.  “The signature Hershey’s® milk chocolate color will entice consumers to purchase, while the perfect blend of ingredients will have them coming back for more.  In-store dessert decorators will love the versatility of this product, and store managers will be thrilled with the boost this specialty flavor gives to bakery sales.”

To ensure all its bakery customers are able to get the most out of this great-tasting product, Rich’s also offers a Fully Finished Dessert Cake that is iced with Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme® Made with Hershey’s® whipped icing.

Additionally, Rich’s has further expanded its “made with” product portfolio with the introduction of fully baked cookies made with Hershey’s® Milk Chocolate Kisses.  The cookies are packed with the inimitable Hershey’s® taste, for consumers who love desserts any day – meaning for everything from special occasions to daily victories.

“These products – Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme® Made with Hershey’s®, the Fully Finished Dessert Cake, and the fully baked cookies made with Hershey’s® Milk Chocolate Kisses – instantly give retailers the ability to merchandise across multiple categories,” Erickson emphasized.  “They’re excellent options for bakery operators in search of more-tantalizing items for the dessert case, using Hershey’s® unbeatable flavor as the focus.”