Rich Family Foundation Fund For Community Access: Niagara Street Mural Project August 2017

Public Paint Days

A large group of community volunteers participated in public paint days like the one photographed here inside the mural building at 585 Niagara Street.

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Photo 1

Local Artists Engaged

Buffalo artist, Claudia Carballada, measures out vibrant paint colors for her work on the mural. Local artists, including Carballada, were hired to work alongside Betsy Casañas to integrate this new mural technique into our WNY artistic culture.

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Photo 2

Painting on Parachute Cloth

Casañas, her artist’s assistants and many community volunteers came together to paint small sections of the mural on parachute cloth, a unique mural design process that allows the mural to be prepared off-site which eliminates the dependency on good weather and creates opportunities for community participation. The cloth is later adhered to the building resulting in a more durable finished product.

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Photo 3