Betting on Broadway

“Irresistible. It’s everything you want it to be.”

That’s what Ben Brantley, chief theater critic of The New York Times, had to say about Rich Entertainment Group’s most recent Broadway production, HONEYMOON IN VEGAS, which officially opened on January 15th  to fantastic reviews!

The New York Times,  Time Out, and the Associated Press,  among many others, have declared that HONEYMOON IN VEGAS has the makings of an instant classic. Based on the 1992 motion picture, HONEYMOON features a book by legendary writer Andrew Bergman (Blazing Saddles, Fletch) and score by three-time Tony Award-winner Jason Robert Brown. HONEYMOON tells the story of Jack Singer, played by Rob McClure, the beloved star of REG’s Chaplin. Jack is a regular guy with an extreme fear of marriage, who finally gets up the nerve to ask his girlfriend Betsy (Brynn O’Malley) to marry him. But when they head to Las Vegas to get hitched, smooth talking gambler Tommy Korman (Tony Danza), looking for a second chance at love, falls head over heels for Betsy. What happens next is anybody’s bet!

Here’s what some of the critics are saying:

New York Times:

“Wake up and smell the mai tais, New York. Las Vegas has come calling on you. And it’s on such good behavior, you’d be a churl not to embrace it as if it were a long-lost sibling. As embodied by the bright and bouncy new musical Honeymoon in Vegas, the world capital of gambling and neon is everything you want it to be. That means a little hip, a little square, a little dangerous, a little kitschy and a whole lotta delicioussh fun. (Oh dear, am I slurring? Sorry.)”

“With a swinging score by Jason Robert Brown and a smooth-as-Ultrasuede star turn by Tony Danza, this show offers the perfect sunny holiday for frozen Eastern city dwellers…what its creators have whipped up is an unlikely but scrumptious blend of cheese and caviar. And the career-high work here of Mr. Brown and Mr. Danza is so stealthily sophisticated that it takes you a while to realize the sly genius of what they’re doing.”

“There’s an unswerving professionalism at work here that consistently turns excess into something sharp, sweet and surprisingly refined.” 

Time Out:

“Whatever happens there is definitely not staying there: Honeymoon in Vegas is too damn fun to keep secret. Jason Robert Brown’s big and brassy score borrows gleefully from the obvious sources—Sinatra, Mancini and Liberace—and splices that swingin’ lounge vibe with his own bouncy, wryly neurotic voice.”

“In terms of sheer bubbly fun, Honeymoon ranks up there with some of my favorite new musical comedies on the job The Full Monty Hairspray or In the Heights, and recent ones The Book of Mormon and A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Broadway may be a crapshoot, but Honeymoon hits the jackpot. The bottom line: odds are very good you’ll have a blast.”

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  Honeymoon in Vegas completed its Broadway run in April, 2015]