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Book Sales Help Set Youth on “The Right Angle”

In his latest book, “The Right Angle: Tales from a Sporting Life,” Rich’s Chairman Bob Rich Jr. has penned a collection of colorful vignettes illustrating how the sports landscape helped shape his life. For Rich – an avid sportsman whose personal and business pursuits have included the worlds of baseball, football, hockey, soccer, fishing and more – his fourth book is a meditative and often amusing look back at his four decades in and around the games of our times.

Bob Rich

The Right Angle,” however, is more than a captivating personal account of one’s man life and his impact on sports and business. Rich is also using the popularity of his new work for another angle: helping the community.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the book benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs, whose mission is to enable young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. According to Rich, the donations will help clubs continue to teach sportsmanship and fair play to young people. “Those are two things that my local club gave me and ideals that I think are essential for today’s youth,” Rich said.

“When someone who’s been served by our organization gives back in such a meaningful way, it sets an inspiring example for future generations,” said Diane Rowe, chief professional officer for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, the first recipient of funds from sales of the book. “Bob Rich has always been young at heart and full of ambition. It is extremely gratifying to have this champion of business and a genuine storyteller reach out to our youth.”

More about “The Right Angle”

The Right Angle Book

“Erma Bombeck meets Ernest Hemingway” is how one reader describes Bob Rich’s engaging chronicles of adventure in “The Right Angle: Tales from a Sporting Life” (Prometheus Books, 2011). Business trend-watchers and sports enthusiasts alike will be fascinated by the exciting and enlightening anecdotes from one of the nation’s most-dynamic business leaders. Rich writes about:

  • Pioneering the art of purchasing naming rights for a professional football stadium (Rich Stadium in Buffalo, N.Y.).
  • Twice buying and selling a National Hockey League franchise (the Buffalo Sabres).
  • Pursuing the dream of Major League Baseball in his hometown, including behind-the-scenes glimpses of the Buffalo filming of “The Natural,” starring Robert Redford.
  • Casting for trout with a distinguished angling buddy, President George H.W. Bush.

The combination of vivid characters, intriguing storylines and Rich’s conversational writing style makes “The Right Angle” an appealing and enjoyable read.

Some Reader Takes on Bob’s Tales

“A very successful businessman, Bob Rich is also an avid sportsman. ‘The Right Angle: Tales from a Sporting Life’ is a vivid narrative about this good man’s life and interests.”President George H.W. Bush

“In this beguiling collection of stories about fishing, baseball, hockey, swimming, and dogs, Bob Rich proves that life is indeed a game….‘The Right Angle’ is a wise and often humorous look at what it means to live a fully engaged life. This is a dynamite book.”Monte Burke, staff writer, Forbes Magazine

“The common thread to the stories from the variety of arenas [Bob Rich] has played and competed in is the warmth, humor, authenticity and wisdom that run through these personal experiences. This highly entertaining and genuine book contains something of value for every reader, regardless of their perspective or life path.”Mark Shapiro, president of the Cleveland Indians

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