Cake Batter. Waffle Batter. Cookie Batter. Oh My!

Whipping up batter for anything from cakes to crepes can not only be time consuming but also expensive. In addition, the trend in consumers who are looking for authentic, homemade treats is growing, which can be hard to achieve for restaurants, bakeries and dining halls who are trying to serve up a variety of freshly-made delectables every day.

After looking at the needs, wants and trends within the market today, Rich’s Culinary Solutions Team recently launched a new innovative product called Rich ‘N Easy Bakery Batter®. This versatile batter can be used for endless possibilities, including muffins, breads, cookies, waffles, crepes and cakes.

Bakery Batter is made with real eggs and butter, featuring only seven main ingredients to meet the fresh, authentic ingredient desires of consumers. To satisfy the needs of our customers, Bakery Batter can be used for most batter-based offerings with a versatile, buttery vanilla flavor that easily accepts flavors and inclusions to create signature offerings, allowing customers to add locally-sourced add-ins to create signature baked goods.

“Most other batter products in the market come in a dry mix formula which requires more labor, meaning there can be inconsistency from batch to batch and potential spoilage of unused batter,” said Michelle Lund, Assistant Marketing Manager at Rich Products. “What makes Rich ‘N Easy Bakery Batter so unique is that it has an exceptional, consistent taste that compares to a freshly-made batter, with less labor.”

Smart package-design can be a time saver, which is why the Bakery Batter packaging was designed with our customers in mind.

“In helping our customers work more efficiently, we designed packaging where the end of the Bakery Batter sleeve can be torn off at the tip and dispensed directly into muffin pans, bread or cake molds or even into a mixing bowl to be combined with other ingredients, colors or inclusions,” said Lund.

Bakery Batter can be frozen for up to 365 days, and it thaws easily when needed. Once thawed, it can stay in the refrigerator for up to four days.

Bakery Batter has already been proven to be an innovative, time-saving product in the lives of customers. An ice cream shop franchise recently started using Bakery Batter to make waffles for ice cream sandwiches. The versatility and great flavor was what really sold this customer on the product.

Rich’s is constantly striving to be the trusted first choice among customers, and Bakery Batter is just one more example of listening to the needs and wants in the Food Service industry to deliver an innovative product that is sure to delight the taste buds of any baked-good enthusiast.

If you’re a customer looking for more information on Rich ‘N Easy Bakery Batter, contact your Rich’s sales representative.