Carvel Launches New Ice Cream Cookie Cake

What’s better than cookies and milk? Cookies and ice cream, of course!

If you close your eyes and think back to simpler days you might find yourself reminiscing on some of the best memories of your childhood – summer vacation. School is over, the sun is shining, and you’re sitting outside, covered in chalk and skipping rocks down the patterned squares of your hopscotch board. Suddenly, your ears perk up to the sound of a familiar jingle – the neighborhood ice cream truck! In the midst of cartoon-faced popsicles and sorbet push pops, your eyes dart to the most delectable option on the menu- the irresistible ice cream cookie sandwich. After ripping off the wrapper, you bite into the perfect pairing: a chilled and chewy chocolate chip cookie met with sweet ice cream.

That iconic combination no longer is limited to childhood memories or quick-to-eat treats. Carvel has expanded their ice cream cake line to include a grownup sized version of the ice cream cookie sandwich: The Ice Cream Cookie Cake. This cookie-based ice cream cake nestles creamy, vanilla ice cream between two giant, 8-inch chocolate chip cookies. The ice cream cake is then coated with a layer of Carvel’s famous crunchies and finished with a generous drizzle of chocolate over the top.

“The Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake is the perfect treat to celebrate every occasion, or no occasion at all,” said Nicole Owczarczak, Sr. Marketing Manager.

People are already gushing over the delectable dessert, even Rachael Ray is raving about it. Carvel’s Ice Cream Cookie Cake was featured as a “must-have” item in the June 2017 print edition of Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine in the “Supermarket Smarts” section and on their website.

Grace Ramus, Editorial Assistant for Rachael Ray Every Day loved the cake, saying, “I’d be stoked if I got this cookie-rific ice cream cake for my next birthday…June 9…hint, hint.”

It’s no surprise that people are falling in love with this innovative twist on a classic American dessert combination. Cookies and ice cream are trending items in the market place and cookie-based ice cream sandwiches have seen an 8.6-percent growth rate since 2015. The dessert market place is opening up to include options for people who don’t want to choose between their two favorite desserts, and Carvel’s Ice Cream Cookie Cake is the perfect answer to the growing demand for this childhood favorite. Satisfying and sweet, this dessert will be a hit at any summer time picnic or during any celebratory occasion year-round.

Check out the fun, mouth-watering video at the top of the page that has close to 200k views on Facebook!  It shows the endless possibilities for enjoying this new dessert.

For more details on the Carvel Ice Cream Cookie Cake and to see the full offering of Carvel Ice Cream Cakes available in grocery retail stores, visit and use the product locator to find where cakes are sold.