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f’real Goes Global: US Military Personnel Stationed in Europe are f’real F’natics

Tens of thousands of America’s finest military personnel are stationed throughout Europe, far away from family, friends and the simple pleasures of everyday American life. Nothing tastes more like home than an original American milkshake made with real ice cream and milk. Thanks to f’real, the brave Army and Air Force men and women are now enjoying the richest, creamiest, most delicious milkshakes our nation has to offer. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, its f’real!

“There is something very American about milkshakes,” said Janice Lee, Customer Marketing Manager, f’real. “We’re proud to offer our troops a little treat from home.”

The US military bases in Europe strive to bring many  items and experiences as possible to the troops stationed there. By opening movie theatres and stocking store shelves with classics from home, the men and women serving abroad feel a little more comfortable in their home away from home.

Blended to each individual’s exact specifications, the f’real milkshakes are made of real milk and ice cream in an almost magic-like blender. The f’real blenders, now installed in hundreds of military bases throughout Europe, have soldiers clamoring for more great-tasting American shakes. You might say they are f’real f’natics.

f’real first approached the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) about installing blenders in European military bases nearly five years ago. Passion and persistence paid off when the AAFES made an initial purchase in 2010.

Just like the 10,000 f’real blenders found in convenience stores, universities and movie theatres across the Unites States and Canada, the machines installed at military bases in Europe give troops the full f’real experience. Consumers have the opportunity to customize each shake to their own flavor and thickness craving. After placing a cup into the blending machine, an LCD touchscreen entertains the customer for a mere minute while the perfect shake is made-to-order.

“Part of the allure of a f’real milkshake is that it’s unexpected. Consumers don’t expect to be able to get a milkshake at a C-store,” said Lee. “The first step, getting consumers introduced to the blending machine and how it works, is the only challenging step. Once you’ve tried your first f’real, you’ll be back for more! The thick, rich, flavorful goodness comes from real ingredients, and our milkshakes are the best on the market.”  

The f’real engineering team worked diligently to ensure that the blender complied with European electrical standards. All of the blenders are produced by a manufacturing partner in Vermont and ingredients are supplied directly to the customers via dairies and distributors. The partnership with AAFES in Europe was simplified given that the bases receive shipments of products directly from the US, therefore ingredient suppliers did not need to be sourced locally.

f’real, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rich Products since 2012, will celebrate 10 years of serving up great-tasting milkshakes next month.