Menu Extenders: Rich’s® Smokehouse Bar BQ®, not just for Bar-B-Q

Rich’s takes all the guesswork out of the mouth-watering smokehouse flavors consumers’ demand, and offers chefs the highest quality, most authentic smoked meats; giving operators the freedom to create endless menu applications that extend far beyond the borders of Bar-B-Q.

Rich’s is the largest authentic Bar-B-Q manufacturer in the United States. From the very center of Bar-B-Q country, Gallatin, Tennessee, Rich’s has been producing the highest quality smoked meats bursting with flavor and potential, in the purest smokehouse processes, for more than 50 years.

“Smoking is a time and labor-intensive process. Why would any chef go to the expense of smoking their own meats in-house when Rich’s can give them a perfectly prepared product, a blank slate with which they can create countless menu applications to appeal to a variety of consumer demands,” said Jason Russo, Marketing Manager, Rich Products.

Rich’s®Smokehouse Bar BQ® and Byron’s® products meet the USDA’s definition for barbecue, but they can be used for so much more than just Bar-B-Q menu items. Pork is the base protein in a variety of international cuisine, such as Cuban, Asian, and Latin American. In the midst of a struggling economy and rising beef prices, restaurateurs are faced with the challenge of meeting the demand for trendy flavor profiles at reasonable prices.

In response, more and more operators are looking to pork as a protein alternative in many menu items. Chefs are using Rich’s®Smokehouse Bar BQ® pork as the base for Vietnamese-inspired banh mi sandwiches, and Mexican carnitas. Schools in Miami are using Rich’s®Smokehouse Bar BQ® pulled-pork to create a variety sandwiches that appeal to a growing Cuban population.

But if Bar-B-Q is what consumers are craving, then give them authentic smokehouse Bar-B-Q from Rich’s. Market research shows that the number of Bar-B-Q items showing up on menus at non-Bar-B-Q restaurants is up 17% from last year. As well, Bar-B-Q items are popping-up on non-Bar-B-Q restaurant menus more often than staples like broccoli, baked potatoes and caesar salad dressing.

Rich’s has perfected the art of smoking and now offers more than 100 product codes under the Rich’s®Smokehouse Bar BQ® and Byron’s® labels, as well as 20 different sauces prepared from scratch. Rich’s most popular product, the Double-Rubbed Pork Shoulder, is first hand-rubbed with salt and pepper and then smoked in Rich’s walk-in ovens. Hickory logs are constantly loaded into a fire to maintain consistent smoking throughout the 12-14 hour process. The operation is the most pure, authentic smoking process available to customers. Once smoked, the pork is then rubbed again as it is hand-pulled to perfection. There are no sauces or marinades, just tender, juicy, hand-pulled smokehouse pork. The meat is then packaged, sealed, frozen and ready for distribution to customers.

“Our smoking process is simply a scaled-up version of your typical home smoker. Nothing is lost or added to the smoking process. It’s pure, it’s authentic, it’s smokehouse perfection,” said Russo. 

“This product is for customers that don’t have a smoker but want to offer this authentic flavor to consumers in an endless array of menu applications that exceed the boundaries of Bar-B-Q,” said Russo.