On-Trend and Ahead of the Competition:Rich’s Reinvents Frozen Desserts with Greek Frozen Yogurt Cakes and Cupcakes

The freezer case at your local retailer just got a little trendier; full of new desserts with lush European influences. Move over party-sized ice cream cakes and make way for an everyday indulgence with the allure of Greek yogurt, America’s top selling yogurt. Infused with sumptuously thick and creamy Greek frozen yogurt, the new Jon Donaire cakes and cupcakes appeal to a youthful market seeking indulgent flavors, more healthful ingredients and everyday luxuries.

Greek yogurt enthusiasts will be thrilled to find their favorite ingredient in the first-ever Greek frozen yogurt cakes and cupcakes on the market.

“Any new product containing Greek yogurt is a standout in the marketplace right now,” said Courtney Erickson, Assistant Marketing Manager, In-Store Bakery, Rich Products. “The Jon Donaire Greek Frozen Yogurt cakes and cupcakes appeal to younger consumers who are seeking everyday personal indulgences with the added health benefits of trendy Greek yogurt.”

Unlike their party-sized counterparts, the Jon Donaire Greek Frozen Yogurt bar cakes and cupcakes are smaller in size and price, and can easily be portioned and served for an evening of entertaining, family dinners, or a personal indulgence – no party required!

According to Mintel, Greek yogurt sales have increased 17% from 2010 to 2012, the largest percentage increase across categories. Experts believe Greek yogurt has garnered mass-appeal because of its thick, creamy consistency and healthful claims as a low-fat, high protein alternative made of purer, simpler and more natural ingredients. Whatever the reasons for its popularity, consumers will appreciate finding their favorite yogurt in the dessert freezer case!

Jon Donaire launched the Strawberry Granola Bar Cake, Chocoate Bar Cake and Mixed Berry Cupcake in April of 2013. The Strawberry Granola Bar Cake consists of creamy strawberry Greek frozen yogurt with low-fat granola, strawberry puree, crunchies and whipped icing. The Chocolate Bar Cake boasts creamy chocolate Greek frozen yogurt with chocolate chunks, crunchies, curls and whipped icing. Both bar cakes serve six to eight people and have four times more protein per serving than regular ice cream cakes.

Cupcakes continue to be a nationwide phenomenon and the new Jon Donaire Mixed Berry Frozen Greek Yogurt Cupcakes do not disappoint. Sold in a six-pack clamshell, the deliciously moist white cake filled with mixed berry flavored Greek frozen yogurt and berry flavored whipped topping is the perfect treat after a long day or to enjoy with friends any night of the week.

The Jon Donaire Greek Frozen Yogurt cakes and cupcakes are available in WNY at Tops and Wegmans locations, and nationwide at Giant Landover, Shoppers, Shaws, Winn Dixie and Publix.

Try one of these trendy palate-pleasers today and enjoy the rich, creamy indulgence of Greek yogurt in this exciting new dessert format.