Raising Celiac Awareness

Raising Celiac Awareness

Celiac disease is one of the most-common genetic conditions in the world. According to the Mayo Clinic, one in every 100 people is living with celiac disease and 97 percent of those affected go undiagnosed.

French Meadow Bakery

Rich’s brand French Meadow Bakery, the oldest, continuously running certified organic bakery in the United States, offers an extensive lineup of gluten-free products for those living with gluten intolerance – the underlying trigger of celiac disease. The bakery also understands the seriousness of food allergies and makes it a point to support causes that can help its consumer.

Celiac Awareness Month, during May each year, is such a cause. Since 2010, French Meadow has added its voice to the awareness effort through media appearances by its chef, Mark Stussi.

Mark Stussi

While explaining for audiences the seriousness of gluten intolerances, Chef Mark also has demonstrated how easy it is to make flavorful, gluten-free meals in a snap. He has shared some of his favorite gluten-free recipes, including popular dishes like French toast, croquet-monsieur, chocolate trifles and bread pudding. His simple preparation methods and cooking confidence help people understand that living gluten-free doesn’t mean living flavor-free.

French Meadow Bakery also helped take the celiac awareness cause online. Popular websites like About, Runner’s World, and Recipe Lion have featured helpful tips for preparing safe, gluten-free meals at home. French Meadow is proud not only of the products it creates for those with a specific health need, but also of the fact that the bakery helps provide delicious meal solutions and inspiration for living the best gluten-free life possible.