Rich’s Agreement with Island Oasis Bringing up to 90 New Manufacturing Jobs to Buffalo

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Buffalo, NY, January 11, 2011 – Rich Products Corporation has entered into an agreement with Massachusetts-based Island Oasis which will result in the creation of new manufacturing jobs for the city of Buffalo.

“It’s important for companies like Rich’s to take an active interest in the community and we are proud to have created this opportunity to bring new jobs to Buffalo,” said Bill Gisel, Rich’s President and CEO. “We look forward to welcoming Island Oasis to our community and as our newest neighbors on Buffalo’s West Side.”

Rich's Agreement with Island Oasis Bringing up to 90 New Manufacturing Jobs to Buffalo

Under the agreement, Island Oasis, will occupy Rich’s manufacturing facility on Niagara St. (across from its World Headquarters offices) to produce fruit and dairy-based beverage products for various multi-national food suppliers and retailers.

“We’ve been looking to expand our overall production capacity and also increase our access in the Northeast as well as Canada,” said Michael Herbert, Island Oasis Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “The Rich’s facility in Buffalo provides us with the unique opportunity to move into an existing beverage production environment and achieve both important business goals.”

Approximately 30 jobs are expected to be needed immediately to support two production shifts that are scheduled to be up and running in January. As many as 60 additional jobs could be added to support Island Oasis’ projected growth.

“Our production environment process is fairly sophisticated and requires specific experience that we knew would be available in Buffalo,” said Herbert. “The Buffalo employment market includes a very established manufacturing workforce and we are looking forward to tapping into the region’s unique talent pool.”

“This is great news for the city and more importantly for the residents of Buffalo,” said Mayor Byron W. Brown. “I commend Rich Products for bringing about this agreement and I welcome Island Oasis to the city’s West Side. This area of the city has been host to Rich Products for decades and we look forward to adding a new manufacturer to the neighborhood.”