Rich’s Associates Dig Deep for Bubba’s Earth Day: Celebrate Proclamation of Bubba’s Creek

On April 25, the associates at Rich’s Gallatin facility exercised their green thumbs as part of the annual effort to preserve, protect and beautify the plant’s surrounding environment. This was the 11th annual Bubba’s Earth Day event, marking more than a decade of “Doing What’s Right.” In honor of Rich’s overwhelming dedication to the community, the city of Gallatin officially renamed the 100-foot section of Town Creek that meanders behind the Byron’s facility, “Bubba’s Creek.”

In the foodservice industry, Bryon’s is known for their dedication to perfecting the art of hand-pulled, hickory smoked pork products. But in their hometown of Gallatin, Tennessee, the hardworking Byron’s associates mean much more to the community than the great-tasting products they manufacture.

“The Gallatin facility is set in a beautiful location and the environment is flourishing thanks to the dedication of the associates who volunteer their time to take care of the natural habitat,” said Robert E. Rich Jr., Chairman, Rich Products. “The Gallatin associates live and breathe the Rich Promise, they’re passionate about BBQ and they’re passionate about their community.”

An outdoorsman at heart, Gallatin’s veteran plant manager, Charles Crutchfield, has been organizing the event since 2002 because he and so many other associates wanted to maintain the facility grounds. The annual clean-up celebrates Rich’s commitment to “Caring of Communities Like only a Family Can.” Gallatin’s Mayor and city councilors credited that commitment by unanimously agreeing to rename part of Town Creek after Rich’s chairman, Robert E Rich Jr., affectionately known as “Bubba.”

Gallatin Mayor, Jo Ann Graves, attended the event and officially proclaimed the creek’s new name in front of 60 Gallatin associates in attendance. A sign was placed creek side and now welcomes visitors and associates to Bubba’s Creek.

Town Creek is a 20-foot-wide creek that flows along the rear of the Byron’s facility. The pristine waters of the creek and the surrounding woodlands are home to various wildlife, including ducks, muskrats, beavers, raccoons, snakes and countless other species. Many associates enjoy breaks and lunch hours along the creek, appreciating the sights, sounds and serenity of nature.

“Each of our associates feels a connection to our natural environment – it’s our backyard,” said Crutchfield. “Renaming this section of the stream Bubba’s Creek only strengthens our bond with the community, making the creek a part of our family.”

So once again this year, Gallatin associates tended to the land around “Bubba’s Creek”, plucking thirty bags of debris from the waters. They tidied-up the facility grounds and planted flowerbeds, all in an effort to beautify the workplace and to preserve the land for the next generation of Rich’s Associates.

And some future associates may very well have been on-hand participating in Bubba’s Earth Day. The principle and seven students from local alternative school, RT Fisher, were present to help clean-up and celebrate the creek renaming. Gallatin has partnered with the school in the past, allowing students to conduct experiments and explore in the creek. Rich’s has also sponsored school activities.

“Partnering with RT Fisher is just another way Rich’s is working each day to better our community,” said Crutchfield. “We are proud to work with these students, to have the opportunity to positively influence these vulnerable lives, and to see the impact of our partnership.”

“I am honored that they City of Gallatin has acknowledged the hard work of our associates and the impact they continue to have on the community,” said Rich. “I’m proud of the Gallatin family and thankful for their efforts. I look forward to visiting the newly renamed Bubba’s Creek soon.”