Rich’s Celebrates the People Behind the Company’s Industry-Leading Customer Care

As the world paused to celebrate National Customer Service Week from October 6-10, Rich’s took every opportunity to infuse fun and appreciation into a week-long celebration in honor of the remarkable team of associates that care for the needs of Rich’s valued customers.

“We appreciate the extraordinary dedication of the entire customer service and logistics team all 52 weeks of the year,” said Bob Pavone, Vice President, RPC Customer Service & Logistics (CS&L). “Customer Service Appreciation week is a deliberate celebration, a chance to formally recognize our passionate team of professionals, and we hope our gratitude extends well beyond this week because the celebration is really about the total team effort put forth by CS&L associates all year.”

Since its inception 70 years ago, Rich’s has been widely known for the extraordinary people behind the company’s innovative products. Knowing that success cannot be built on products alone, Rich’s has always put the customer’s needs first and dedicated teams to building customer relationships, acquiring business insight, and managing and anticipating the customers’ every need, now and in the future.

Rich’s now has a vast team of highly specialized and knowledgeable CS&L associates committed to customers around the world. These associates are Rich’s first, last and most critical point of contact for customers.

“It is important for our customers to know that on the other end of the phone is someone they know and trust, someone who understands their business and their needs, and can swiftly deliver action,” said Pavone. “We’ve seen countless examples of situations when customer retention has come down to the efforts of one or more CS&L associates and their interactions and relationships with customers.”

Rich’s customer service associates have comprehensive knowledge of the customers’ business, Rich’s products and supply chain, and are able to work collaboratively to pinpoint an issue and deliver a timely solution. What’s more, these team members have the character and communication skills to foster lasting relationships with customers based on trust and results.

“Rich’s customer service capabilities are better than any other company in the business; we know this, and our customers confirm it with their trust and loyalty,” said Bob Pokrzyk, Manager, RPC Customer Service and Logistics. “The relationships that our customer service representatives foster with customers are one of Rich’s best assets.”

Rich’s celebrated the week with themed luncheons, spirited games and activities, giveaways, awards and lots of social gatherings – a pivotal and unique characteristic of Rich’s sought-after family culture.

“Rich’s Customer Service & Logistics associates look forward to this week all year long,” said Al Testa, Manager, RPC CS&L, In-Store Bakery and Vendor Managed Inventory. “The camaraderie and recognition our associates experience in this one week drives engagement, productivity and pride among our team throughout the year.”