Rich’s Expands into Emerging Western Asia Market

After years of work and preparation, Rich Products Corporation proudly welcomes the newest extension of our family: Rich’s Turkey, a wholly-owned subsidiary located in Istanbul. Led by general manager Dr. Burak Sinayis, Rich’s Turkey sells non-dairy Whip Topping Base a rapidly increasing list of customers throughout the region.

Why Turkey?

Rich’s Expands into Emerging Western Asia Market

An emerging market of 75 million people, Turkey is strategically located in the northwest region of Western Asia bordering the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to presenting a huge growth opportunity to Rich’s within the country’s borders, Turkey is a gateway to an additional 130 million potential customers in the adjacent countries of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, all emerging markets not currently served by Rich’s.

In 2007 Rich’s identified Turkey as a new market for exploration. By 2009, our associates had partnered with Dr. Sinayis to leverage the current infrastructure to begin in-market testing of Rich’s Whip Topping Base. Just four years later, Rich’s associates have successfully demonstrated that our frozen format is not only successful in the Turkey market, but also beats the competition in taste, price and quality.

“Rich’s Turkey was made possible by the phenomenal job done by Burak and his talented team marketing our product to the various markets within the country,” said Jim Bailey, Director, Business Development. “This great work has poised Rich’s for substantial growth during the remainder of 2012 and beyond in both Turkey and the surrounding region.”