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Rich’s Foodservice Honored as 2010 Supplier of the Year

Rich’s Foodservice Honored as 2010 “Supplier of the Year”

Rich’s unwavering efforts to be the trusted first choice for customers earned its Foodservice Division recognition as a 2010 frozen food “Supplier of the Year” – not once, but twice.

Ben E. Keith Co. Foodservice Distributors

First, the Texas-based Ben E. Keith Co., the nation’s eighth-largest broadline foodservice distributor, named Rich’s its “Supplier of the Year” in the frozen foods category.

Then, Rich’s again was named a 2010 “Supplier of the Year” in frozen foods, this time by UniPro Foodservice Inc., the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States.

It was the first time Rich’s had been so honored by either organization.

The award from Ben E. Keith recognizes the manufacturer that best supports its distributor sales representatives in training, education and sales efforts. The voters from Ben E. Keith’s foodservice division also took service levels into account. Eligible suppliers were qualified by a scorecard of their year’s performance and winners were chosen by divisional and corporate management.

Raymond Burke

The UniPro award cites Rich’s for the quality, consistency and value that Rich’s products and people have provided UniPro over the past 35 years; field support, including Rich’s go-to-market strategy for independent foodservice distributors; and commitment to customer service, supply chain performance and utilization of marketing tools. Voting by UniPro membership, comprised mostly of family-owned businesses, decided the 2010 award winners.

“Our entire organization was thrilled to receive these back-to-back awards, both for the first time,” said Ray Burke, president of Rich’s Foodservice and In-Store Bakery. “This kind of recognition elevates and strengthens the already-strong partnerships that Rich’s has worked hard to achieve with Ben E. Keith and UniPro. Being named the best by our customers really demonstrates our commitment to supporting them in marketing, sales, training and other initiatives across the board.”

Visit their websites to learn more about Ben E. Keith or UniPro.