Rich’s Launches New Whipped Icing Bursting with Iconic Hershey’s® Flavor

When a cocoa craving kicks in, chocolate-lovers around the world reach for the unmistakable, unbeatable quality and flavor of a Hershey’s® bar. Now, chocolate-seeking American’s can find the indulgent, creamy chocolate flavor they love in countless in-store bakery treats finished with Rich’s new Chocolate Bettercreme® made with Hershey’s®.

“When this unparalleled, decadent combination of flavor and texture is showcased atop a cake or cupcake and garnished with additional Hershey’s® chocolate pieces, a traditional dessert is transformed into an indulgent masterpiece,” said Courtney Erikson, Assistant Marketing Manager, Customer Shopper Marketing, Rich Products Corporation.

The classic chocolate color and legendary flavor of Hershey’s® combined with the smooth, creamy texture of Rich’s Bettercreme® create mouth-watering treats that entice consumers to enjoy for entertaining, celebrations or any day indulgences.

For more than 100 years, consumers have looked for the Hershey’s® brand by name. With Rich’s new indulgent whipped icing made with real Hershey’s® cocoa, chocolate-lovers everywhere can get their decadent flavor fix by reaching for the brand they know and trust in their local bakery.

“The statistics showing consumer preference for the iconic Hershey’s® brand paved the way for Rich’s creation of a customized, yet classic product that’s sure to catch the eye of shoppers,” Erickson explained.  “The signature Hershey’s® milk chocolate color will entice consumers to purchase, while the perfect blend of ingredients will have them coming back for more.  In-store dessert decorators will love the versatility of this product, and store managers will be thrilled with the boost this specialty flavor gives to bakery sales.”

Recent studies reveal that 53 percent of consumers surveyed believe desserts carrying the Hershey’s® brand taste better than unbranded desserts. In addition, desserts made with Hershey’s® branded ingredients were chosen by the subjects 50-percent more often than unbranded desserts.  The latest additions to Rich’s Bettercreme® portfolio capitalizes on these consumer preferences.

Raising the bar on chocolate indulgence, and sales!

Rich’s ChocolateBettercreme® made with Hershey’s®is a classic chocolate flavored whipped icing with a smooth creamy texture and rich indulgent chocolate taste made with genuine Hershey’s® cocoa.

In-store bakeries can decorate with confidence, knowing Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme® made with Hershey’s ® is a perfectly sweet, delicious icing for cakes and cupcakes or filling for donuts, éclair shells, crème puffs, cookies, and so much more.

Incremental sales are sure to rise as the trusted Hershey’s® brand draws-in the consumer and the incomparable creaminess of Rich’s Bettercreme® whipped icing keeps them coming back for more.

Rich’s also expanded its fully finished cake portfolio to include a 7” Fully Finished Double Layer Chocolate Cake made with the new Hershey’s® whipped icing. The delicious, double layer chocolate cake is iced with Rich’s Chocolate Bettercreme® made with Hershey’s® whipped icing and finished with Hershey’s® Kisses.

Rich’s complete line of made-with Hershey’s® products gives retailers the ability to cross merchandise the fully finished cake with desserts decorated with Hershey’s® Chocolate Bettercreme® and the new fully baked Chocolate Chip Cookie made with Hershey’s® Milk Chocolate Kisses.