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Rich’s Launches Peanut-Free/Tree Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies – A Great-Tasting, Worry-Free Indulgence

The sweetness and simplicity of sugar cookies, with their eye-catching frosted tops and mouth-watering flavor, have made the indulgent treat a cornerstone in America’s love affair with cookies for decades. Rich’s new fully-finished Frosted Sugar Cookies are now available in the marketplace and meet the high standards for quality, flavor and appearance that consumers expect from these iconic cookies, while also offering peace of mind.

Schools and households across America enforce strict nut-free policies to protect children and adults who suffer from severe nut allergies. Rich’s recently launched “Our Specialty,” a new product line of fully-finished, peanut-free/tree nut-free Frosted Sugar Cookies at the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association’s annual conference, giving consumers the opportunity to enjoy indulgent, flavorful cookies without the worry of adverse allergic reactions. The vibrant icing colours and clear “peanut-free/tree nut-free” decal on product packaging catches consumers’ attention, making the purchase decision easy.

“We spent extra time developing the flavor profile of our Frosted Sugar Cookies, knowing that a nut-free version of the cookie would only win in the marketplace if it tasted every bit as good as it looks,” said Lauren Lopez, Senior Marketing Manager, Desserts, Rich Products. “Rich’s wanted the cookies to standout at cuttings, from flavor and quality to appearance, and we’ve succeeded on all fronts.”

Sugar cookies are simple, sweet and delicious and find their way into the lunchboxes and onto the dessert plates of millions of Americans each day. Rich’s fully-finished cookies are a convenient way for in-store bakeries to keep table displays full of quality, nut-free products that do not require any skilled preparation or baking equipment – simply thaw and display. The cookies come in conveniently sized packs that are perfect for schools, daycares or family events. Satisfying the growing consumer demand for high quality, great tasting nut-free products and operator’s need to decrease the skill and labor required to stock shelves is a win-win cookie combination!

“What sets Rich’s cookies apart from the competition is our 100% nut-free guarantee,” said Lopez. “The demand for nut-free products is at an all-time high. Rich’s wanted to offer consumers a line of cookies with the unmistakable flavors we’ve come to expect from classic cookies that also satisfy the allergen-free demands of so many Americans.”

The Frosted Sugar Cookies are part of the new “Our Specialty” product line produced at Rich’s new, 100% nut-free facility in Texas which also includes other everyday cookie favorites such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snicker-doodle and fudge brownie. The particulate flavors, including those with chocolate chips and raisins, truly deliver with large, visible chunks of particulates that attract consumers’ attention and satisfy the sweetest of cravings.

The Frosted Sugar Cookies have sweet, colorful icings and fun sprinkles, ideal for parties, events or a personal indulgence. Rich’s cookies provide a delicious, nut-free treat that shoppers can feel good about buying and sharing with everyone.