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Rich’s Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies

Rich’s Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies Deliver Satisfying Solution to Recent “Nut Allergy Ecosystem Survey” Findings

Today’s consumers are bombarded with choices in every grocery aisle. Purchase decisions are based on everything from preference and price-point to health benefits and ingredient profile. A recent study conducted by Rich’s revealed that food allergies are playing a growing part in purchase decisions with 67 percent of respondents taking nut allergies into account when purchasing snacks for children’s events.

While just less than one percent of the U.S. population report allergies to peanuts or tree nuts, a staggering 90 percent of all fatal food anaphylaxis result from peanut and nut allergies. The reality of these statistics leaves very little room for error in product labelling, allergy awareness and purchase decisions. All of these factors were taken into consideration when Rich’s launched “Our Specialty,” a new product line of fully-finished, nut-free Frosted Sugar Cookies.

“With many parents reluctant to provide snacks for events, Rich’s recognizes the importance of producing peanut-and-tree-nut-free cookies for consumers,” said Lauren Lopez, Senior Marketing Manager of Desserts at Rich Products. “Rich’s spent approximately two years developing a line of 100% peanut-free and tree-nut-free Frosted Sugar Cookies to ensure a high-quality, great-tasting cookie that families can enjoy. We take this commitment seriously and built an entirely nut-free facility from the ground up, using only raw ingredients from suppliers that do not process peanut and tree nuts in those facilities. This is to ensure we deliver a 100% nut-free product.”

Rich’s “Nut Allergy Ecosystem Survey” polled 1,024 mothers in the U.S. to identify the prevalence of nut allergy concerns in both families afflicted and not afflicted by these food allergies and highlight how broader demographic segments are affected by a single individual suffering from the allergy. Three clear findings surfaced: nut allergies affect purchase decisions; kids are missing out on snacks due to fear of nut allergies; and nut-free labels matter.

In the survey, one in four mothers reported checking product labelling thoroughly when purchasing products to meet school requirements, and 17 percent of respondents have been reluctant to provide snacks for an event in the past due to concerns over nut allergies.

But these mothers needn’t worry any longer, as Rich’s nut-free Frosted Sugar Cookies allow everyone to enjoy indulgent, flavorful cookies without the worry of adverse allergic reactions. The vibrant icing colours and clear nut-free decal on product packaging catches consumers’ attention, making the purchase decision easy.

The Frosted Sugar Cookies produced at Rich’s new, 100% nut-free facility in Texas are available in many varieties, including Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, Fudge Brownie and our signature Frosted Sugar cookies. Varieties coming soon include Red Velvet and Chocolate Frosted Cookies.

“What sets Rich’s cookies apart from the competition is our 100% nut-free facility,” said Lopez. “The demand for nut-free products is at an all-time high. Rich’s wanted to offer consumers a line of cookies with the unmistakable flavors we’ve come to expect from classic cookies that also satisfy the allergen-free demands of so many Americans.”

The Frosted Sugar Cookies have sweet, colorful icings and fun sprinkles, ideal for parties, events or a personal indulgence. Rich’s cookies provide a delicious, nut-free treat that shoppers can feel good about buying and sharing with everyone.

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