Signature f’real Milkshake Wins Top Honors With Maverik

The latest concoction from the trend-setting f’real flavor factory is a mouthful to say and enjoy! The Macachocochicoconut f’real milkshake, made exclusively for Maverik’s progressive west-coast convenience stores, is pleasing adventure-craving consumers and won top honors as the chain’s Best New Item in 2014.

“This is a really great achievement by the team and is emblematic of our strategy to focus on our retail customer to drive cup sales through strong promotions and exciting unique customized milkshake flavors,” said Dinsh Guzdar, President, f’real.

In 2014, f’real helped Maverik develop the signature milkshake flavor to complement their popular, baked-in-house cookie, the Macachocochiconut. The creamy, delicious milkshake filled with macadamia nuts, chocolate chips and coconut was an instant hit and earned Rich’s the coveted 2014 Best New Item Award from Maverik.

The award signifies f’real/Rich’s commitment to understanding a customer’s needs and delivering solutions. Moreover, against competitors like Coca Cola, Mountain Dew and Monster Drinks (each launching new campaigns that challenged f’real for the annual award), carrying home the award-winning wake board trophy solidifies f’real’s position as a leader and innovator that is making big waves throughout the industry.

“Maverik is a really cool convenience store.  They create eye-catching displays in store, employ great staff and are leaders in marketing and promotions, all of which embody the adventurous Maverik spirit,” said Nikkie McBrayer, Sr. Manager, Retail Marketing. “We have been working with Maverik since 2007, and over the years we’ve worked hard to become a valuable, trusted partner by developing a solid relationship and always collaborating for mutual success.”

The award-winning “Maca” milkshake flavor has consistently performed as a top flavor for Maverik. Consumers are obviously intrigued by the flavor as its trial rates are higher than that of chocolate, and it has the highest repeat rate among all f’real flavors – even chocolate and cookies n’ cream.

The California-based f’real team is already working with Maverik to develop exclusive new flavors for the future.

“It is always our goal to build strong relationships with customers, to invest the time it takes to allow those relationships to blossom into successful partnerships,” said McBrayer. “Maverik has become one of our top customers, and we’ve developed a mutually beneficial partnership with them.”