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Take a Bite Out of National Cheesecake Day

Dense and creamy, drizzled with cherry glaze, or infused with rich flavors like chocolate or caramel, who can resist the awesome array of cheesecake varieties that have found themselves onto almost every dessert menu nationwide. July 30th is National Cheesecake Day, a day of celebration honoring this traditional dessert whose earliest evidence dates back to 2000 B.C., in the Greek islands. No matter how you like it, today gives us all cause to savor a slice of cheesecake’s famous decadence.

Much like Rich’s® Whip Topping®, “the miracle cream from the soya bean” that company founder and revolutionary frozen food innovator Robert E. Rich stumbled upon while searching for a vegetable-based replaced for whipped cream, the first American-born cheesecake was also a happy accident. New York dairyman William Lawrence accidentally created cream cheese, a heavier and creamier “unripened cheese,” while trying to replicate a soft French cheese in 1872. The famous NY Style cheesecake is credited to German-born, Arnold Reuben (also known for sandwiches!), which he served in his legendary Turf Restaurant in New York City in 1929.

Despite its ancient roots, cheesecake still has a very popular place on current menus. Today’s restaurants and bakeries boast countless varieties and styles of cheesecakes to appeal to almost every flavor palate and food trend.

Rich’s manufacturers more than 100 varieties of fully-finished Jon Donaire cheesecakes at a state-of-the art manufacturing facility built just two years ago in Missouri City, Texas.

Chocolate lovers around the world will appreciate Rich’s latest branded variety, the Hershey’s Chocolate Cheesecake, a chocolate cheesecake made with pure Hershey’s cocoa – the indulgent dessert has 30% more chocolate!

Rich’s is also pleased to unveil two mouth-watering new Jon Donaire cheesecake variety wheels. The first includes trendy new flavors like red velvet, vanilla bean, caramel sea salt and dark chocolate strawberry. The second, a chocolate-inspired variety wheel, includes chocolate hazelnut swirl, chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate truffle and chocolate s’mores.

Finally, Rich’s has recently launched a ¾” cheesecake layer, which can be used as a filling between two traditional cake layers and decorated with whipped icing. This innovative concept give bakeries and foodservice operators one more was to serve-up the popular flavor of cheesecake in an inspired new way.

For today, forgo the diets and calorie counting and dive into a decadent cheesecake!