Unleash the Nostalgic Flavor of On Top® Mallow

Do you remember the last time you had a marshmallow?

Maybe it was charred over an open flame or mixed in with a sugary cereal. Perhaps you snuck a dollop of fluff from the jar after folding it into your child’s PB&J. If you haven’t had one in a while, you can surely remember what makes them so delightful – their pillowy soft texture and sticky, sweet taste.

Is there anything more nostalgic tasting than a marshmallow?

Consumers are craving amplified versions of their childhood favorites and marshmallows are leading the charge for a well-deserved comeback. S’mores menu incidence has grown a whopping 42 percent since 2013 and restaurants are looking to foodservice providers to find fun and innovative ways to incorporate more ‘mallow into their menus.

But, it can be difficult to add marshmallow to your offerings. Traditional marshmallows are sticky and messy, making them difficult to incorporate into dessert or add on top of beverages. That’s where Rich’s On Top® Mallow Topping comes in.

On Top® Mallow is a slightly sweeter and gooier version of our traditional On Top® Whipped Topping. Infused with nostalgic marshmallow flavor that your consumers are sure to love, Mallow is a ready-to-use marshmallow solution, without the mess or hassle.

If you’re looking for an easy way to turn your consumers into happy campers, swirl Mallow on top of chocolate shakes, stuff it inside of sweet donuts and cupcakes, or enhance your garnishing game by pairing it alongside crushed graham crackers and chocolate syrup. No matter how you use it, On Top Mallow® can turn ordinary sweets into extraordinary and nostalgic masterpieces.

Ready to add marshmallow to your menu? Contact a Rich’s sales representative to find out how you can sweeten up your menu with On Top® Mallow.